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Summer Spoons by Thalia Georgoulis at Mint

If you have visited Mint over the past few month then you may have laid eye upon the intriguing and enticing collection of Indian Summer Spoons by Thalia Maria.  Thalia’s work celebrates the beauty of everyday objects, nature, tradition and ritual. By mixing everyday forms with beautifully hand forged silver details, Thalia introduces an additional narrative to a familiar household item.  All pieces are completely hand made. Please continue on to see more images of the spoons as well as a video of another project Thalia Maria worked on for last years Salone in Milan.


” I always loved pebbles.

I can spend hours looking for pebbles, touching, feeling the texture and the weight, observing the colours and the way they fade once they are dry, the footprints sea creatures sometimes leave on them or the natural erosion caused by the water.

My love for spoons came later in my life. It actually developed when I became a silversmith. It came together with my desire to make objects and my love for cooking.

Very early I realised that there is an acquired taste when you eat using a silver spoon and the ideal would be to have your favoured spoon for you favoured food. In the way that soup demands a different spoon than rice, crumble, ice cream, sugar, honey, soft cheese and so on.

As a silversmith and a cook, the weight distribution of the spoon is very important, as is the thickness. 

Sometimes the colour of the food defines the shape of the spoon. The same applies for the texture of the food and the texture of the spoon.

The list can be endless because we are all influenced by different food cultures, tastes and memories.

This might be also the reason that I can’t stop making spoons.

If your food is rich in influences, colour and taste then you definitely need a collection of spoons “. Thalia Maria Georgoulis