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New Concepts: From Waste to Wonder

This week we’re highlighting some of our favourite graduates who explore new concepts, featured for Mint’s LDF18 exhibition, TRANS-FORM.

Graduates Matilde Mozzanega and Huyn-Jin Sonhave have taken materials, craft, and culture to create fascinating designs and products based on reusing industrial paper waste.

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 Matilde Mozzanega

Pebble Necklace © Matilde Mozzanega

Matilde Mozzanega is a contemporary jewellery designer based in Florence. Her work sits within the context of sustainability and recycling. She is interested in the quality of non-precious materials and how to repurpose and transform them. Her work pushes the limits of what jewellery can be and it constantly questions our contemporary idea of value and materiality.

Pebble Necklace © Matilde Mozzanega

Using layers of industrial cardboard tubing, Matilde transforms this man-made material into an organic form. In a reversed alchemy that uses resin, her work creates a state-change; the end product is an entirely new substance. She hardens paper so that it feels like a rock yet looks like driftwood. By breaking down the industrial structure, the material begins to return to its original form which she manipulates to form the structure required for the jewellery pieces. lastly Matilde adds an element of luxury with the addition of carved recycled silver wire following the material’s organic features, the resulting pieces are as light as air and eminently wearable.

Driftwood Bangles © Matilde Mozzanega

Driftwood Bangles © Matilde Mozzanega

Cardboard Cutouts Collection © Inge Clemente

Huyn-Jin Son

Nw-s-ppr Tableware Collection © Huyn-Jin Son

Huyn-Jin is a London based Product Design designer who is passionate about conveying new experiences with physical objects.

Newspaper is still commonly seen as a news platform and becomes a waste material after news has passed, even in a time where online information is dominant. This concept made Huyn-Jin think about the lifespan and durability of objects with the imminence of advanced technology. The starting point of this project was an innovative method to transform waste newspaper into a lasting material. After extensive tests Huyn-Jin found that the extended life of a material depends heavily on how it is utilised. She explored the benefits of Beeswax which operates as both a bonding and polishing medium to create sustainable and surprising tableware objects.

Nw-s-ppr Tableware Collection © Huyn-Jin Son

Nw-s-ppr Tableware Collection © Inge Clemente

Matilde Mozzanega and Huyn-Jin Son should be commended for discovering new concepts to transform disregarded waste paper into innovative and beautiful designs, extending the lifespan of this material. For any further information please contact