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Mint presents the ‘Small Worlds’ series by Christian Haas for Theresienthal

Mint is proud to present these exquisite vases designed by Christian Haas and edited by luxury glass manufacturer Theresienthal that are part of the Small Worlds series.

Each intricate piece in the series comes in a limited edition of fifty. The beauty of these art pieces lie in the fact that when assembled, they form a little narrative within themselves.

The main subject of the pieces – a colony of bees and an owl, represent the attitude of a true craftsman.  The bees’ philosophy of hard work and the caged owl’s wisdom are a perfect allusion to a designer’s discipline and creativity.

Wisdom Is a Good Companion is a collection of 3 pieces that are assembled by covering the cobalt blue vase, engraved with a tawny owl sitting on a perch with some small ants with a glass ‘cage’. A massive smokey grey paperweight engraved with some small running ants is then placed on top of the 2 vases thereby acting like a ‘handle’.

No Sweet Without Sweat is an art piece that consists of 3 parts: a mouth-blown inner vase with 700 hand-cut ‘dots’ that represent a honeycomb which is then placed inside a tangerine outside casing with hand-engraved bees and a gilded queen bee.  Finally, all is then covered by the ‘beehive’ in clear fine Theresienthal glass.

For more information and prices on the ‘Small Worlds’ series, please call us on +44 207 225 2228 or email us at