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Brompton during LDF !

Located conveniently in the heart of the Brompton Design District, Mint is a perfect starting place for exploring the venues for London Design Festival, each being in walking distance. The V&A hosts a number of exhibitions with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s kinetic sculpture entitled Double Space for BMW being one of the most impressive ones. Moving reflective structures change the visitor’s perspective of viewing the works by Raphael which are on display in the room. Walking from the V&A towards The Conran Shop presenting Best of British Craft and Design, stop by B&B Italia to see the new collection of contemporary designs by some of today’s biggest names in the industry. Turning back in the opposite direction, discover The Map House located within a stone’s throw of Harrods and marvel at the art of cartography led by Icelandic designer’s Kristjana S Williams new pieces.  Mint’s exhibition ‘Elements of Craft’ is open until Tuesday 30th of September.

_1010836_2The beautiful & intriguing window display at Mint

_1010825Double Space for BMW by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

_1010797Aluminium structure Crest by Zaha Hadid

_1010831A collaborative project The Wish List by both established and emerging designers

_1010810New collection at B&B Italia

_1010818Best of British Craft and Design at The Conran Shop

_1010823Best of British Craft and Design at The Conran Shop

_1010808New pieces by Kristjana S Williams at The Map House